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NOTE: They do not sell the 12 volt Negative ION Generator any more. They only have the 120 volt model. They are not wired the same. If you wire the ground to the neutral wire you may be electrocuted!!!! I have not had a chance to build a model with the new 120 volt Neg. ION Generator, but I’ve tested one and below is how to wire it.

This is the main part you need. It is a Negative ION Generator. You can 

find it either by web search or from our links page.  



READ ME: We cannot be held responsible in any way shape or form for damages or injury, including death as a result of using, testing, or building this unit. IF you try to build, test, or use this unit you understand that it is free knowledge from various internet sites and no one has convinced or directed you to try and build it. We shall be and remain harmless from all civil and or criminal action. This information is not meant to cause harm in any way shape or form. It is intended to be used with model trains and dioramas and as a way to electro statically charge nylon and rayon flock for crafts and our various action figure heads.  This free knowledge found on various sites on the internet is meant to be used by person(s) with knowledge and understanding of such information. IF you do not understand any of this information then do not attempt testing, building, or using any of the devices described.








Use the pics at the above link as reference.